The Missouri Ethics Commision has dismissed a complaint filed against Missouri Renewal and the portion of the complaint against Republican Senate Candidate Jim Talent. But, the Commission has opted to pursue several other aspects of a complaint filed by the Missouri Democratic Party that alleged Talent had violated election laws. As for the dismissed complaint, it was alleged that Talent had directed or controlled Missouri Renewal while he was a candidate. The Commission has determined there is insufficient evidence to show the former St. Louis area Congressman was a candidate while he was actively involved in efforts on behalf of the Missouri Renewal organization. Furthermore, the Commission has ruled the expenditures of Talent for Governor alleged to have been made in support of his candidacy for a new office – U.S. Senator – had actually been incurred prior to the 2000 election. While dismissing this complaint, the Ethics Commission has determined “probable cause” that Jim Talent violated state campaign laws. An official with the Commission says hearings on five charges have been requested. But that official would not say whether these five charges are serious offenses or technical violations that can easily be explained. Resolution is not expected until after the November 5th election.