A salute tinged with the memories of last year’s tragedy starts at mid-day today at the state Capitol. The noontime event on the south lawn of the Capitol is intended as a salute to those who helped terrorist victims in New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania, starting a year ago today. Some Missourians are still giving assistance in one form or another. State officials from the Governor on down will salute firefighters, medical technicians, Red Cross volunteers and others who left their homes last year to help with search, rescue, recovery, and counseling efforts. Organizer Don Otto wants those who attend the event to come away feeling special. He says it would be appropriate every year – whether it’s on September 11th or not – to think of those who have suffered during that year, and pay homage to those that spend their time alleviating that suffering, whether they do it as volunteers or as paid professionals. He says this has been year of tragedy, change, and renewal for Americans. He wants Missourians to feel better about themselves and those who are willing to give up part of their lives to help someone else.