Republican US Senate candidate Jim Talent has unveiled his solution to the Medicare prescription drug impasse in Washington. Talent proposes a $40-Billion plan that borrows from all three being discussed in Washington. Benefits would begin immediately. It would require a $250 yearly deductible and $20 monthly premiums. Half of the cost of prescription medicine would be paid up to $3,500. All the costs would be covered above that amount. Senior citizens making 150% of poverty would be charged nothing. The plan relies on pools to keep the costs of prescriptions down. Democrats charge Talent has been influenced by the drug companies, because he received $15,000 in campaign contributions from six pharmaceutical companies the day after a crucial vote in the Sente. Talent denies the charge, stating incumbent Democrat Jean Carnahan has received more from drug companies that he has. Talent says Democrats have been throwing out a number of accusations, hoping one will stick.