It’s not even close—the voting for the two propositions on the ballot today in Missouri. An expected close vote on the transportation tax package, Proposition B, has turned into a crushing defeat for the sales and fuel tax increase proposal. With 2726 of 4574 precincts reporting, proposition B had only a 26 percent favorable vote. Vote totals were still missing from Kansas City and St.Louis as midnight neared. But those two areas are traditionally the slowest to report totals. But it would take a landslide in favor of the propositions from the two cities to reverse the trend. Proposition A, the cel-phone fee for 9-1-1 service was doing slightly better than proposition B, but was still failing dismally, with only 33 percent support. Democrat Jean Carnahan and Republican Jim Talent have easily won nomination for the United States Senate. Auditor Claire McCaskill had no opposition for the democratic nomination for state auditor. But on the Republican side int he auditor’s race, an upset appeared to be in the making. 72-year old Concordia resident Al Hanson, who admits on his website that he has done prison time, was outrunning St. Louis lawyer Jay Kanzler Jr. by almost 100,000 votes. Secretary of State’s Official Election Website.