The safety of our food in the face of terrorist threats has been addressed at a conference in Omaha. Governor Bob Holden attended the gathering, saying he returns from the Conference on Agroterrorism confident our food supply is safer than it was two years ago. But, he says there still is much to do to make sure it remains that way, and that the nation is ready to deal with an incident if one happens. Holden says he wanted assurances the federal government is changing its culture in how it works with state and local governments, and with privateinterests, to protect the food supply and the economy on which it is based. He says he got those assurances, but he’ll believe them when he sees evidence. Holden says the idea of a terrorist attack is only part of the concern. It also goes into all types of contaminants that could disrupt the system and exert widespread economic damage, not just the deaths of some animals or damage to some crops in any particular area.