Questions are being asked about a Missouri Democratic Party television ad which promotes Senator Jean Carnahan’s involvement in the TWA-American Airlines merger. Several of those questions involve the people who are – and who are not – in the ad. One scene shows Carnahan talking with a person visible only from the back as the announcer claims Carnahan is “reaching across party lines.” The person with whom she’s talking appears to be Senator Bond – but isn’t. In fact, Bond says he doesn’t know who the individual is. Senator Carnahan was unavailable for comment. But, Missouri Democratic Party Executive Director Mike Kelley told the Missourinet the suggestion is ridiculous. Kelley says the Democrats wouldn’t think of using Senator Bond in acampaign ad. The sparring goes beyond the likeness of Bond, to the information on the American-TWA acquisition. Kelley insists Senator Carnahan deserves credit for bringing about the deal – not Senator Bond. Scott Baker of the Missouri Republican Party says it’s clear it was Senator Bond who was instrumental, from the beginning, in helping to make the deal happen. By the way, the person said to resemble Senator Bond is actually a Washington lawyer – a Democrat named Jim Robinson.