The Robert Courtney case in Kansas City leads to an examination later this week of the state’s rules for pharmacy inspections. Senator Christopher Bond has asked the question – how could the state’s pharmacy inspectors have inspected Courtney’s operations for a decade without noting that he had been diluting cancer-fighting drugs he was selling to patients? The Executive Director of the State Board of Pharmacy, Kevin Kincaide, says Courtney’s actions were well-hidden, and were not something inspectorswould have looked for unless they’d gotten a tip. But he says the Courtney case has led to months of review by hisinspectors of how they run field opoerations, and of the Board’s standards of compliance. The Board meets Wednesday through Friday. Kincaide expects the review to come up late in the meeting. He says his staff is considering whether widespread sampling of drug compounds made by pharmacists is practical. He says it would be hard to do a meaningful sample of the tens of thousands of prescriptions issued each day – and to do it at a reasonable cost.