Kile100 The short life of Darryl Kile was remembered at Busch Stadium on Wednesday, as friends and former teammates remembered him publicly. Mike Matheny, Dave Veres, Woody Williams, Doug Drabek, and Pete Harnisch spoke to a gathering of around 5,000. Kile died on June 22nd of heart failure at  the age of 33. All agreed that Kile was generous with anyone who needed help, advice, or just needed someone to talk to. He was also remembered for his keen sense of humor and love of pranks. His many exploits in the club house and golf course were re-told. The 12-year veteran joined the Cardinals staff in 2000, winning 20 games and leading them to the N.L. Central Title. It proved to be his best season ever. The personal highlight of Kile’s career was on September 8, 1993 when he no-hit the Mets. Darryl Kile left behind his wife, Flynn and three children Kannon, Sierra, and Ryker. Fans are encouraged to send their memories of Kile to Busch Stadium. They will be compiled in a scrapbook for the children. Send stories to:  DK 57 Memory Book, c/o St. Louis Cardinals, 250 Stadium Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri, 63102 

Audio excerpts from the Darryl Kile Memorial at Busch Stadium, courtesy of the Cardinal Radio Network:

Houston teammate Doug Drabek   (3:30 mp3)
Cardinal catcher Mike Matheny (3:00 mp3)
Cardinal reliever Dave Veres (2:00 mp3)
Cardinal starting pitcher Woody Williams (1:00 mp3)
Houston teammate Pete Harnisch   (3:00 mp3)

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