Missouri’s low-income senior citizens will start benefitting from a new state discount-prescription program on Monday. 25,000 Missourians are the first enrollees in the Missouri SeniorRX program. Creators of the program hoped to bring in more than twice that many. But Executive Director Rebecca Mankin says it’s a new program and its takes time to get the word out. Those who reach their deductible are eligible for state payments of 60 percent of their prescription drug costs. And Mankin says they’ll feel the price cuts right away. They won’t have to wait for a check to come back. Enrollees will be given a special card to use whenever they make a purchase. They have to use an approved list of prescription drugs, which isweighted heavily with generics. Mankin says it’s a paperless system. The transactions and the payments to the drug stores will be handled with computers. She thinks the system can turn around a claim and pay the drug stores within seven to ten days of a claim.