Reforms in state election laws, passed by the state legislature, have been signed into law by Governor Holden. The November 2000 elections put a spotlight on flaws in Missouri’s election law system, especially problems that arose in St. Louis. A two-year effort has produced a series of changes designed to make it easier for qualified people to vote and make it harder for cheaters to cast ballots. Governor Holden signed the bill into law during a ceremony Friday in his Capitol office. The law allows provisional voting so those whose voting status is unclear can cast ballots that will later be determined to be valid or not. The new law also increases the requirements for voters to identify themselves before they can cast ballots and it sets the stage for development of an advance voting system. The governor says these reforms are just the start. Both he and Secretary of State Matt Blunt agree some flaws in the law need to be patched, and more reforms in the system need to be passed next year.