A proposal to create a federal boxing commission draws qualified support from the Missouri official whose office oversees boxing in this state. Administrator Tim Lueckenhoff with the Missouri Office of Athletics says boxing is known for its inequity, impropriety and criminality, and it’s time for major reforms. Lueckenhoff heads a national group, the Association of Boxing Commissioners. He says boxing reform acts of 1996 and 2000 are not enforced and leave room for plenty of abuse. Lueckenhoff tells a United States Senate subcommittee the proposal for a federal boxing commission needs to be improved by requiring license suspensions issued in one state be honored by all states; that training standards be adopted for officials; and by requiring enforcement of stronger performance standards for promoters and boxers. Lueckenhoff says enforcement is a key–that he has never known of a federal prosecutor or a top state law enforcement officer taking any actions under present laws.