The Senate could finish action on the stadium bill today, sending it to the House where it faces doubts, a deadline, and a lower priority status. If the bill makes it out of the Senate, it heads to the House with less than two weeks left to work its way through the process. What Senate sponsor Peter Kinder does not know is when the Speaker will get it to a vote. Speaker Jim Kreider says resolution of the state’s budget is his top priority, and that work has to be finished this week. The Senate has put about two dozen amendments on the bill. Kinder says the Cardinals are not thrilled about some of them, but he says none of them are deal breakers. The House could make more changes, of course – including undoing some things the Senate did. Kinder thinks the bill does have time to pass this year, even with House changes. But passage is far from a sure thing. Early indications are that the bill is still short of the votes in will need in the House.