The man who has commanded the Air Force’s entire fleet of Stealth Bombers at Whiteman Air Force Base in West Central Missouri is moving on. For nearly the last two years, General Tony Przybyslawski has commanded the men and women of Whiteman through inspections, cracked airplanes, and of course, the missions the base’s B-2 Stealth Bombers flew in the war in Afghanistan. Przybyslawski says the unique nature of the Stealth Bombers allows crews to fly bombing missions from home, at Whiteman, to points halfwayaround the world. And, that meant the general had to put in a new policy: no media access to his people in the war. Przybyslawski says during the war in Kosovo there were threats made through the Internet and mail to some flight crews from other bases, and he wanted to protect his people from the same types of threats. The general moves on to Langley Air Force Base, Virginia, while his replacement Colonel Doug Raaberg comes from Vance Air Air Force Base, Oklahoma, on Monday, April 22nd.