Your one vote does count, and here are four examples. In the small St. Louis County community of Cool Valley this week, incumbent mayor Floyd Blackwell lost to former Mayor Randy Toles 119-118. Blackwell had beaten Toles by 20 votes four years ago. A recount is likely. In Pineville, in southwest Missouri, Mayor Janis Melton and challenger Polly Mitchell each got 87 votes. Ballots will be recounted a fourth time before the results are certified Saturday. If it’s still tied, a special election might be held. In Waynesville, two contenders for mayor also tied, 330 votes each. City Councilman Cliff Hammock or fellow Councilman John Morrisey want to take a job that’s been vacant since the Mayor resigned four months ago. In Bethany, in north Missouri, candidates James LaRette and Joe Johnson each got 449 votes in the race for Mayor.