State Auditor Claire McCaskill says it’s not a permanent fix, but she’s pleased with the $160-million the federal government is providing to Missouri to shore up the state’s unemployment insurance trust fund. McCaskill says the money will help a great deal. She’s particularly happy for businesses, which will not have to foot the bill for money borrowed to pay unemployment benefits. McCaskill would like to see all of the money going directly to thetrust fund, but the Legislature can use some of it for other job-related projects. McCaskill says that’s fine, provided it’s only a limited amount. Missouri’s business groups are weighing in. The Missouri Chamber of Commerce is pleased with the money coming from Washington, but it wants that money sent directly to the trust fund and not diverted to other ventures. Associated Industries of Missouri likes the infusion of federal dollars, but it echoes the Chamber in its desire to see the money go directly to the trust fund. AIM says the state must resist the temptation to divert the money for other uses.