The deal seems to have been finalized for a new baseball park for the St. Louis Cardinals. The deal requires legislative approval, and Governor Holden admits he wouldnot have the votes if lawmakers voted on it today. The Ballpark will not be owned by the Cardinals, but by a public agency that will lease it to the Cardinals for 35 years. The Cardinals are responsible for maintenance and operations. Once the ballpark is built, the area where Busch Stadium stands will be redeveloped as Ballpark Village with commercial and retail space, at no cost to the state. The state, St. Louis, and St. Louis County will issue $205-million worth of bonds for the ballpark. The Cardinals will put up $108-million. The three entities will pay about half of the $12-million cost of transportation infrastructure improvements. The agency that owns the park will have naming rights, the sale of which will help reimburse the state, county and city investments.