Private and Parochial school interests in the State Senate are blocking an effort to provide more money to improve teaching mathematics in public schools. Senator Roseann Bentley wants to set up a program that lets public school districts get state grants to improve math teaching. But Senators who often look for ways to get state money into church-run schools or other private schools indicate they’ll keep trying to amend her bill.Senator David Klarich is fighting to keep his amendment in the bill expanding the grant programs to private and parochial schools. Klarich, and other private-school bosters in the Senate say they’ll offer several proposed changes that could delay discussion, and which the bill’ssupporters say could eventually keep anybody from getting any money. Senator Ken Jacob says the private school interests find it easy to ignore the state Constitution, and court rulings, that say state money cannot go to church-run schools. Klarich and allies in the senate have shown no interest in suggestions theycould wind up killing the program.•