A dangerous rodeo game known as “Mexican Poker” is the target of an some State Senators who want to keep it out of Missouri. It’s done at some rodeos. At the end of the day, volunteers are solicted from the stands to sit at a table or stand in a hoop and a wild bull is turned loose in the ring. The last man to move wins. Moniteau County Senator Larry Rohrback wants to make it a crime to try to make money by promoting or providing such events. Russellville resident Deborah Steinman is the mother of a young man who has suffered irreparable brain damage because he played the game and lost. She says the rodeo promoters bore no liability and provided no safeguards to the contestants, other than an ill-fitting vest to protecttheir ribs. Her daughter says none of them even called the hospital while her brother was in a coma and near death. He has survived, but remembers little of his past -recognizes his mother, sister, and wife – but has no memory of any feelings for them. Rohrbach’s bill is being studied by a State Senate committee.