Judge John C. Holstein of Springfield this morning announced his retirement from the Supreme Court of Missouri, effective March 1, 2002, after nearly 27 years of judicial service. He served more than 12 years on the state high court, including a two-year term as chief justice from 1995 to 1997.

Holstein served at all levels of the state court system. He was a trial judge for 12 years, beginning as a probate and magistrate judge in Howell County in 1975. He later was elected associate circuit judge and, in 1982, was elected circuit judge of the 37th judicial circuit (Cater, Howell, Oregon and Shannon counties). After serving three years on the Court of Appeals, Southern District, he was appointed to the state Supreme Court in 1989. While an appellate judge, he has participated in more than 1,500 reported cases and authored about 300 majority or separate opinions.

Holstein has announced no specific plans after retirement from the bench but has indicated an interest in continuing to practice law. “It has been a great honor to serve the people of Missouri,” he said. “At present, I have only two goals for the future; the first is to find an area of the law where there is a need and try to fill it; the second is to remain active in continuing to build the professionalism of Missouri attorneys. I’ve been blessed by my association with the excellent lawyers and great judges of this state. I want that to continue.”

Holstein and his wife, Mary, have three married daughters and two grandchildren. For the Holsteins, the love for law is a family affair. Two sons-in-law are also attorneys, one daughter is a certified public accountant/paralegal with a law firm, and the Holsteins’ youngest daughter is in her second year of law school at University of Missouri-Kansas City.