I don’t often wander outside the realm of sports in these commentaries, but I’ve been so fascinated by the presidential election over the last few days, I can’t help it. We are a nation of laws. The state of Florida has laws to deal with a close election. Under those laws, they are conducting a recount. When the recount is complete, the losing side might fight further in court. Anyone who is worried about waiting several weeks to determine a winner should remember that this country survived over a hundred years of elections without electronic communication to give us an instant result. The judicial system is part of our republic. But both sides need to stop waging a hyperbolic war of words in the press. Behave like leaders, not petty children. The campaign is over. Challenge the results if you must, but do it in a dignified manner, calmly, in the courts. And when the result is final, accept it, and move forward. The rhetoric being hurled back and forth merely inflames emotions, and whatever the result, will leave our next president with a cloud of uncertainty hanging over his administration. That is not good for any of us, Republican, Democrat or otherwise.