It is great to see the Chiefs willing to use the weapons they have on offense. Elvis Grbac is playing the best football of his career, and taking advantage of his Pro Bowl tight end, Tony Gonzalez, and emerging receivers Derrick Alexander and Sylvester Morris. Marty ball is gone. The Chiefs are throwing the ball all over the lot. It’s a heckuva lot of fun, BUT…. we are seeing one very disturbing trend. The Chiefs are not merely CHOOSING not to run the football. They CAN’T run the football. In the second half yesterday, the Chiefs wanted to chew up the clock with a nice long drive and tried to run the ball. And they couldn’t. Everybody wants to have an offense like the Rams these days, but keep in mind, the Rams have shown they can pound the ball with Marshall Faulk. The Chiefs’ missing running game is especially disturbing considering where they play. One of these Sundays is going to be a cold, blustery Arrowhead day, the kind of day on which the Chiefs usually thrive. But if they can’t run the ball, Arrowhead may not be such a home field advantage.