Nobody in these parts wanted to see a Subway Series, and I’ll confess, I didn’t either. But now that we’re four games into it, I have to admit, it’s been a thrilling series with tight games. The Yankees appear poised to win their 4th title in five years, but any of the first four games could have been won by either team. Todd Zeile is about ten inches from two home runs that could have given the Mets the first two games at Yankee Stadium. Had those balls gone out, or had Timo Perez run hard from first base, or any other small things happened a little differently, the Mets might have swept the series. Likewise, change one or two small moments from game three, and the Yankees would have swept. We hear a lot about how the Yankees have veteran playoff experience, and that’s why they are up 3-1. Well, maybe. But I don’t think veteran experience kept Todd Zeile’s two fly balls from traveling another ten inches. And if they had, and the Mets were up 3-1 right now, we would be hearing that the Yankees are old, not experienced.