Fear not, Rams fans. The greatest offense in the NFL is in good hands. If there is any position where the Rams could afford to lose their starter, it’s quarterback. I don’t mean that as a swipe at Kurt Warner. He is the league’s best quarterback right now, and has done amazing things over the last season and a half. But in Trent Green, the Rams have a starting quarterback disguised behind a clipboard as a backup. Will there be a dropoff in performance? Sure. It would be absurd to expect ANYONE to perform the way Warner has. But Trent Green knows this offense, and will run it well. While he starts for the next few weeks, Green will put up numbers as good as any quarterback in the league, and the Rams will keep scoring. If you want to worry, worry about the offensive line. That unit, which has played so well, is extremely banged up. The Rams may not have the depth to replace those guys, many of whom are already playing hurt. Actually, if you want to worry, worry about the defense. Unless Kevin Carter and Todd Lyght start playing like Pro Bowlers again, it won’t get any better.