I planned to talk today about the Chiefs-Rams game on Sunday. Missouri’s two NFL franchises will square off at Arrowhead Stadium. I wanted to go into detail about why I thought this could be a dangerous game for the Rams, who don’t play outdoors very often. But the more I thought about the game, the more I thought about what wouldn’t happen Sunday. Mel Carnahan would have presented the Governor’s Cup to whichever team won the game on Sunday. Today, the state is mourning its governor. Often, you’ll hear a sportscaster say that a death really puts sports into perspective. I hope that’s not true. I hope we all have sports in perspective already. Which team wins Sunday won’t affect what we do with our lives Monday. Pulling for the Chiefs or the Rams brings us a little pleasure. But it’s a very small part of our lives. We don’t know how much time we have. I hope we use it to make this place a little brighter than we found it. I lived outside Missouri during most of Mel Carnahan’s time as governor, but it seems to me, he used his time pretty well.