Flash back a few months. Before the season began, what if I had told you the Cardinals would make the playoffs, but they would have to face the Atlanta Braves in the first round without Mark McGwire, without Fernando Tatis, and with two of their starting pitchers having to leave the game before the fifth inning. Would you think that adds up to a sweep? No way. Baseball’s playoffs are wonderful. Anything can happen. In a short series, a few pitches, a big hit, and suddenly anyone can be a hero. Darrell Porter didn’t hit a lick in 1982, but he was the MVP of both post-season series. Do you know who won the NLCS MVP for the Braves just last year? Just one year ago…. Eddie Perez. Probably not your first guess. My point is, you can analyze this thing any way you want, but my recommendation is that you sit back and enjoy what should be a competitive, thrilling series between the Cardinals and the Mets. Someone might throw a one-hitter, someone might throw five wild pitches. Who will it be? I can’t wait to find out.