Larry Smith’s very difficult year is getting tougher all the time. In the last week, he’s lost his starting quarterback, again, and his two best receivers, John Dausman to injury, and Travis Garvin to misbehavior. And I’m afraid this bad fortune may cost Smith his job. Though I don’t think it should. Yes, last year was bad. And with all that’s happened so far, this year may turn out just as sour, but it’s hard to blame Smith for the misfortune the 2000 Tigers have faced. Larry Smith took a program that had been comatose during the entire lifetime of the students that now attend the university, and he built a team that had two consecutive bowl years. When things turned south last year, Smith showed that he was willing to make changes. He scrapped his offense and brought in a new coordinator. Because of all the lost talent, we probably won’t see the results this year. But that’s not Larry Smith’s fault. It’s hard to build a winning program when you’re changing coaches every few years. Stability is a crucial element in college football. So I hope Larry Smith keeps his job after this season. But I’m afraid he won’t.