What is this game the Rams are playing? Because it’s not football as football has been explained to me. For years, I’ve heard football coaches tell me that you must establish the run, you must control the clock, be careful with the football, keep your defense off the field. That is how you win football games. So I’m not going to watch the Rams anymore. They are going about this all wrong. I am tired of seeing receivers run willy-nilly down the sideline after yet ANOTHER Kurt Warner pass. Where is the toss sweep? Where is the fullback dive? Used to be, if a team took over on its own twenty yard line, you could flip channels for a few minutes and comeback after they crossed midfield. Not anymore. Now if you change channels for 30 seconds, you miss two Rams touchdowns. I won’t have it. It’s not football. I want short passes to the tight end. I want three yards and a cloud of dust. That’s how you win football games. This crazy offense won’t work. Will it?