I’m trying to keep my optimism contained about the Chiefs after they got a much-needed win against San Diego Sunday. It’s hard not to be excited with the way Sylvester Morris played. I said after watching the opener the Chiefs needed to throw that guy the ball, and he proved Sunday that he can make plays. With 42 points, the Chiefs actually outscored the Rams this week! But…. let’s keep in mind that they beat the San Diego Chargers, one of the worst teams in the league. And there’s no guarantee that in a tight game, Gunther Cunningham will give Elvis Grbac a chance to use his two best weapons, Morris and tight end Tony Gonzalez. No, my guess is that when the chips are down, Gunther will call for a hand-off to Tony Richardson, and the better teams in the league will know what’s coming. The unfortunate thing is, the Chiefs may need 42 points again this week. The Broncos are the second in the league in scoring, to the Rams. I hope Gunther lets his best weapons work for him. And his best weapon is NOT Tony Richardson.