Enough of the talk about having a young team and improving as the season goes along. The Chiefs must win on Sunday against the Chargers. One of the weakest teams in the division is coming to visit Arrowhead, a place where the Chiefs are supposed to dominate, although they haven’t lately. The Chiefs are not out of the playoff hunt yet, but if they lose to the Chargers they will be. Since 1990, 13 teams that started the year 0-2 have rallied to make the playoffs, including two that went to the Super Bowl, and one, the Dallas Cowboys, that won it. But, only three teams in that span made the playoffs after starting 0-3. The moral: if the Chiefs lose Sunday, their fans can start making other plans for January. Besides being 0-3, they would have lost to a club so desperate that former Pirate outfielder Omar Moreno is starting at quarterback Sunday. Ok, it’s not that bad, it’s actually former Colorado State Ram Moses Moreno. After all the talk that Ryan Leaf had finally EARNED the starting job in the preseason, it only took him two games to un-earn it. The Chargers are down, and the Chiefs should kick them. Or else it could be a REALLY long year.