I got into a long discussion over the weekend with a football fan who is tired of hearing about Kurt Warner. He thinks that Warner hasn’t proved anything yet, because he’s only had one good season. I disagree. Warner has proven plenty. Now, I’m not ready to put him on a par with Montana and Marino and Elway, but I am ready to say that Warner is for real, and he is currently one of, if not THE, top quarterback in the NFL. I realize he’s only had one season, but it wasn’t merely a good season, or even a very good season. It was, without question, of the most brilliant stretches of 19 games ever put together by an NFL quarterback. You can’t be that good for that long and be a fluke. And Warner has done more of the same this year. Yes, he has great talent around him, but he also has a few terrific traits that give him the ability to use those talents: he is deadly accurate, he stands in the pocket and holds the ball until the last possible instant, and he makes great decisions. And sorry, Warner bashers, but he’s the real deal.