I was stunned when I heard the news Sunday that Indiana University was going to fire Bob Knight. I never expected them to have the gumption to pull the trigger. Knight has handled his recent troubles with the same lack of class he has displayed throughout his coaching career, and I’m sure we will be treated to more of his self-serving antics in the coming days as he tries vainly to defend his indefensible position. I’m not a Knight-hater. I think some of the stances he takes about the way kids are growing up these days are correct. I think he’s a great basketball coach. But the man has a problem dealing with other human beings in a civil manner. The saddest part of this, is that Knight truly believes in his heart of hearts that he has done nothing to deserve this, and is being mistreated. Some people are cheering today. Some, foolishly, are protesting. But I think most of us are just shaking our heads, saddened by the sight of a man who careens wrecklessly through life, unable to see the effect he has on other people. He never will see that he’s wrong, and will end up very bitter, and very alone.