The Chiefs are hoping to break the NFL’s on-site attendance record for a regular season game, and I can’t believe the league is letting them get away with it. For the last half-decade or so, Chiefs fans have been turning out in droves, leading the league in attendance for the past six years. The Chiefs sell out every game these days, but Arrowhead Stadium isn’t big enough to break the league’s attendance record, which was set 42 years ago when 90,833 attended a Rams-Bears game in Los Angeles Coliseum. So how do you cram 91,000 people into Arrowhead to break the record? You don’t! You show the game on a video screen at Kauffman Stadium, sell tickets for ten bucks, and count that in your attendance! What? Why don’t we charge a cover and count all the fans watching in sports bars downtown? If Arrowhead Stadium held 90,000 people, there would be a lot of empty seats each week. That’s why it doesn’t hold 90,000, and that’s why the Chiefs can’t break the attendance record legitimately. The record would be bogus, and I can’t believe the NFL is going to let them get away with it.