I don’t know how seriously Gunther Cunningham thought about resigning, and I don’t think he really needs to resign for the Chiefs to be successful, but the Chiefs do need a change on the coaching staff. They have got to turn the offense over to someone with an imagination, and the ability to use the talent that’s on the roster. The Chiefs are completely bogged down by their misguided committment to run the football. Yes, a strong running game can be a great asset, if you’re handing the ball to Terrell Davis, or Edgerrin James or Marshall Faulk. But if you’re handing the ball to a slew of converted fullbacks, it’s not such a hot idea. The start of Sunday’s game against the Colts, when the Chiefs ran six straight times and punted twice in two possessions, was embarassing. They do not have the talent to establish the run first, but they DO have two playmakers in tight end Tony Gonzalez and rookie receiver Sylvester Morris. Let them make plays. Throw the ball. Establish the pass. THEN hand the ball to Tony Richardson. At least then, he’d have a chance.