It’s an odd choice the Chiefs have made, and makes me wonder about their ability to judge talent. Normally, an NFL team will carry three quarterbacks: A starter, a dependable veteran backup in case of injury, and a young guy who might develop into the starter someday. But the Chiefs have decided to keep two guys behind Elvis Grbac who will not be the starter someday. Warren Moon and Todd Collins are both on the downside of their careers. Moon because he’s 43 years old, and Collins because he’s had several chances to win a starting job in the NFL and has failed. Either one of them could have served as a backup to Grbac, and the Chiefs could have kept Ted White around to see if he developed. What this tells me, is that the Chiefs couldn’t decide who was better, Moon or Collins, so they kept both. Or possibly, Moon showed them nothing this preseason, but they kept him, hoping that somehow he could find that old magic if Grbac got hurt. Either way, having both Moon and Collins on the roster is a waste. You don’t need two #2 quarterbacks, and if you’re lucky, you don’t need one.