Ken Griffey Jr. is generally regarded as the player who has the best chance of breaking Hank Aaron’s career home run record. But I have discovered Griffey’s fatal flaw, which will keep him from reaching that lofty mark: Griffey has rabbit ears. It’s a horrible affliction for the poor young man. Griffey has been unfairly saddled with tremendous expectations in Cincinnati in his first season with the Reds. It doesn’t seem right that Junior must take all this abuse just because he hand-picked the team to which he would be traded, and makes ten million dollars a year. Can you blame him for being upset that fans boo him and yell things at him? He supposedly has complained that ESPN shows too many highlights of Jim Edmonds, and only shows Griffey when he messes up. And now Griffey confronted and cussed out legendary broadcaster Marty Brennaman because Brennaman had the gall to note on the air that Griffey, as usual, failed to run hard to first base. Great players don’t care what people are saying about them. They play the game, and they are very well-paid to do so. Griffey needs to quit whining and focus his attention where it belongs, on the field.