A softball team from Eloy, Arizona has caused an international incident by winning the Little League Softball World Series. The team from Eloy includes five boys, and the other teams in the tournament consisted of all girls. Eloy won the tournament when a team from the Phillipines forfeited the championship game, because three of its players were injured in the previous game against the boys. It doesn’t seem right that a team with boys can win the Little League World Series against girls’ teams, and people across the country are crying foul. But don’t blame Little League. The organization tried to keep girls softball separate from boys. But there aren’t enough boys in most places who want to play softball, so the court in its infinite wisdom, ruled that Little League must let boys play in softball games with girls, just like girls who want to can play baseball with the boys. It seems to me maybe some things should be left alone. And it seems to me that if Little League wants to hold an all-girls world series, it should be able to. But don’t blame the boys. Blame the court.