I know that Bob May missed the biggest opportunity of his life yesterday when he lost to Tiger Woods in the PGA Championship. May has never been heard from on the PGA Tour, and may never be heard from again, and suddenly he was in the national spotlight matching strokes with the world’s greatest golfer. But when it was all over, and May had lost, I didn’t feel bad for him. And he doesn’t need our pity. When his final twisting, impossible putt slipped past the hole and Tiger had won, I felt great for Bob May. I was beaming for Bob May. Because he didn’t lose the PGA Championship. He was brilliant. Every time you thought he was done, May made a miraculous shot to put the pressure on Tiger. And every time, Tiger responded with a big shot of his own. If May had blown a lead, or missed a short putt and handed Tiger the title, then I would feel bad for him. But he played spectacular golf. And I admire him. Yes, it’s true that no one remembers who finishes second, but I hope in this case, people will remember Bob May.