Why do professional sports teams and universities try to hide the facts when an athlete gets in trouble? This week we learned that Andre Rison was involved in an altercation in a Wisconsin bar several weeks ago, and that he gave police false information. Not a felony, but when you stack it on top of Rison’s incredible list of transgressions, it’s bothersome. We also learned that Mizzou cornerback John McPherson was arrested in July after police found 100 pounds of pot in his car. Mizzou didn’t tell us that a week before, when they announced that McPherson was suspended for violating team policy. He violated a lot more than that. Are Mizzou and the Chiefs trying to protect these players? If so, from what? And why? The media and the fans are not out to get anybody. Most of us want to see these guys succeed on the field, and provide a shining example off of it. We are disappointed when they behave badly. But why lie about it? Andre Rison doesn’t deserve protection. And John McPherson has the right to an attorney. Just tell fans the truth. We’d be a lot less suspicious.