I didn’t see the game, so I hesitate to comment on the Chiefs 33-10 preseason loss to the 49ers. Ok, I hesitated, now here’s my comment: the result has to scare you if you’re a Chiefs fan. The 49ers scored on their first five possessions. That’s against the Chiefs’ top defense. Five straight scoring drives. And these aren’t your older brother’s 49ers. This is supposed to be the middle of the lean years in San Francisco. But they tore through the Chief defense. Meanwhile, Kansas City’s first-string offense didn’t score. It was 30-0 at halftime. Ancient Warren Moon finally threw a TD pass in the 3rd quarter. Yuck. Now, it was a meaningless preseason game, and it may mean nothing, but you sure would like to see some signs of talent from the starting lineup. Elvis Grbac wasn’t sharp but he was okay, and I think he’ll be fine. Rookie running back Frank Moreau looked good in the second half. I hope somebody can run the ball that way when it counts, against the other team’s first string defense. And speaking of defense, I hope the Chiefs find theirs.