The Sporting News has picked St. Louis as the best sports city in America, and at the moment, it’s hard to argue with the pick. The Sporting News conducts this exercise every year, and makes its selection based on the success of the teams in a city, and fan fervor. I am admittedly biased. I grew up in St. Louis and I root for the teams there. But what a year it’s been in the Gateway City. The Rams stunned even their own ardent supporters by winning the Super Bowl. The Blues won the President’s Trophy with the best record in the NHL before stumbling in the playoffs. Mark McGwire is Mark McGwire, and now he’s got a first-place team around him. And St. Louis fans turn out in big numbers for all of these teams. Sure, St. Louis lacks an NBA team, but the town can bost the IBL championship for the Swarm, and a third straight national title for the women of Washington University, not to mention SLU’s surprising Conference USA tournament championship. It has been a great year for St. Louis, which for now, is America’s best sports city.