There are few things in life less meaningful than NFL preseason games. For the most part, they exist for one reason, and one reason only: greed. By forcing season ticket holders to buy tickets to two preseason games, NFL owners can fleece fans for more of their hard-earned cash. With a month of training camp, NFL players certainly don’t need four exhibition games to get ready for the season. That’s why Kurt Warner plays one series in the opener. Let the starters make an appearance, so the fans think they’re getting their money’s worth, then get the star players the heck out of there before they get hurt. Anytime a team is playing a game where the sole intent is to get out of the game without an injury, you have to question whether that game needs to be played in the first place. And the fact is, these games don’t need to be played. The NFL is squeezing every last dollar out of fans by having teams play four exhibitions. Two exhibition games would be plenty. Oh wait, they don’t call them exhibitions anymore, because after all, who wants to pay full price for an exhibition game?