Does it really matter where Carlos Beltran does his rehab, as long as he does it? The Royals have suspended Beltran without pay because he won’t report to Baseball City, Florida to get back into shape. The reason they want him to go to Florida is that it’s “team policy.” Well, get a new policy. The reason the Royals still send players to Baseball City to rehab, is that they have to justify the cost of the facility they built there many years ago. Beltran is right when he says he could heal just as well in Kansas City. Tony Muser was actually quoted as saying the players heal “quicker” at their complex in Florida. I’d like to see the research data on that one. The Royals like to boss their players around like they are in high school. Don’t run out a popup? You’re going to the minors, Mark Quinn, whether or not it’s good for the team. The suspension is silly, and even the Royals admit they’ll have to pay Beltran. So why push it? As long as Beltran is re-habbing, why can’t he do it in Kansas City? The Royals should worry more about talent, and less about what they perceive as insubordination.