Walt Jocketty did a pretty nice job in the days leading up to the trade deadline. I know things seem bleak with Mark McGwire on the disabled list and the lead over the Reds dwindling, and fans get anxious as they see other contenders acquiring Curt Schilling and B.J. Surhoff and Denny Neagle. Sure it would have been nice to add Schilling to the rotation, but the Cardinals’ rotation hasn’t been the problem. They can get to the playoffs with what they have, and in the playoffs, they will need a strong bullpen. And their bullpen is stronger now. Jason Christiansen gives them the lefty they desperately needed and Mike Timlin jumps into the set-up role, meaning Matt Morris can come in earlier and Alan Benes and Mike James can mop up. Catcher Carlos Hernandez is overpaid, but he is at least dependable. And while he’s no longer Will the Thrill, Will Clark gives the Cards a little pop until McGwire gets back, and an able left-handed pinch-hitter after that. And if McGwire doesn’t come back, none of these deals may matter.