Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods. Those two athletes put on an incredible display over the weekend. Tiger’s win at the British Open was the most dominating performance in golf since, well, since he won the U.S. Open a couple weeks ago. But the way he is lapping the field has the golf world lamenting the end of competitive golf. Tiger is truly on an amazing run, but I think it is just that. Golfers do this. Mark O’Meara had a run a couple years ago. Now he doesn’t sniff the leaderboard. Tiger is just better than everyone else, so when he has a hot streak, he dominates the entire field. When he comes back down off his hot streak, he’ll merely contend for titles rather than dominate. But boy is he good. Lance Armstrong’s story is more moving. When Armstrong got cancer, doctors told him he had a 20 percent chance of living, and now the doctors say they only said that to give him some hope. Armstrong beat cancer, and then the world’s best cyclists… twice. Not everyone will beat cancer, but Armstrong gives us a glimpse of what’s possible.