Many of the biggest names are missing, but the show will go on at baseball’s all-star game in Atlanta. Kansas City’s Jermaine Dye and St. Louis’ Jim Edmonds will both start and bat seventh for their respective teams tonight. Edmonds is taking the place of the injured Ken Griffey Jr. Griffey did compete in last night’s home run derby, and was the runner-up, losing in the final round to Sammy Sosa. Cardinal slugger Mark McGwire is not in Atlanta because of a knee injury. Cardinals Edgar Renteria and Darryl Kile, and Royal Mike Sweeney are reserves for the game. For Kile, it’s his third all-star appearance, though he has never actually made it into a game. Renteria has made one previous all-star appearance. Both Dye and Sweeney are in the game for the first time in their careers.