Good for Roy Williams, and good for Kansas. Everyone in North Carolina assumed that Roy would bolt Lawrence for Chapel Hill, and they were wrong. Roy decided to stay where he was, with the players that he had recruited, and with the fans that were literally begging him not to go. I’m glad to see that. Before we make him St. Roy, though, let’s keep in mind that he didn’t exactly turn down North Carolina so he could keep coaching at Fort Hays State. Kansas is one of the best five basketball jobs in the country, in the team photo with Carolina, Duke, UCLA and Kentucky. But Williams is part of the reason for that. But he could have left. He could have returned home to lead the program he’s loved since he was a kid. Instead, he has attained hero status in Jayhawk nation because he stayed. Many Missouri fans have a rabid dislike of KU basketball, but most of them give grudging respect to Roy Williams. When Roy was offered the Carolina job, he insisted that Kansas not offer a dollar more to entice him to stay. He’s a class guy. And I’m glad he’s still in the neighborhood.