Everyone should have problems like Roy Williams. I’m not making light of the difficult decision he has, because it certainly is a tough choice. He’s made a home at Kansas and built a terrific basketball program. But Carolina is in his blood. He grew up there, both as person and a coach. And now he has the chance to return home and lead one of the top programs in the nation. The problem for Roy is, he already has one of the top programs in the nation. It’s like choosing between your two favorite desserts. They’ll both be great, but you can only have one. Either way, he can’t go wrong. Williams is already revered in Kansas. If he decides to stay, he’ll be an even bigger hero for turning down Carolina Blue. If he goes to Carolina, the people there will welcome him with open arms. Either way, he’ll be able to get the top players in the land and compete for national championships. I don’t think any of those outside things matter to Williams. I really think he’s trying to find the answer in his heart. Either way, he’s sitting pretty, but that doesn’t make the choice any easier.