Royals fans have waited long enough to see one of their own start the all-star game, so I’m glad Jermaine Dye got voted in by the fans. Sure Carl Everett and Darin Erstad may be more deserving, but Dye is certainly worthy, and it’s nice to see the fans vote for someone new. The fans also slipped Jason Giambi, who’s having a great year, ahead of Jim Thome at first base, overcoming the usual ballot-box stuffing in Cleveland. That’s also good news for Royals fans, because had Thome made it, Mike Sweeney might have been left out. First base is crowded in the A.L. with Carlos Delgado, Frank Thomas, and Giambi all deserving a spot, not to mention Seattle DH Edgar Martinez, who leads the world in RBI’s. Unfortunately, the fans continue to vote for Cal Ripken at third base, but that’s their prerogative. In the N.L., the fans did a nice job by getting Jeff Kent in at second base ahead of Craig Biggio. Mark McGwire is in at first, as you would expect. He should be joined on the team by fellow Cardinals Jim Edmonds and Darryl Kile when the complete rosters are announced today.