While I think Keyon Dooling would have profited from another season as a Missouri Tiger, I like the way he handled his early exit. Dooling turned to the person who could help him most, his coach. And lucky for Dooling, he happens to have a coach, Quin Snyder, who put Dooling’s best interests ahead of his own. Snyder helped Dooling investigate where he would fall in the NBA draft. Dooling visited several teams, went through workouts, and kept his options open by not hiring an agent. Snyder kept checking to make sure Dooling’s stock hadn’t fallen. His stock didn’t fall, he apparently will go in the middle of round one, and he’s gone. That’s ok. Sure, Tiger fans would love to have Dooling around for another year, and maybe he’s not a sure-fire NBA success story, but he examined his options and made a reasoned decision. Fans don’t like to see players leave their college teams early, but if you want big time success, get used to it. To win these days, you need players who have the ability to leave early, and if they CAN leave early, some of them will.