How many of you saw the game winning goal last night in game five of the Stanley Cup finals? I’m guessing that even most of you who watched some of the game, didn’t hang around for the end, which came at 12:30 am. It could have been the Stanley-Cup winning goal, had New Jersey scored it, but instead Dallas extended the series. Last year, Dallas won the Cup when Brett Hull scored in the middle of the night, late in overtime, with nobody watching. Now, hockey faces some extenuating circumstances, because both of these were long overtime games, but it raises the issue of start times for the top events in sports. As with so many things these days, television is in control. And because tv networks want to get deep into the heart of prime time, the games start later and later. Games in the World Series and NBA finals stretch well past midnight on the East Coast. And that’s a shame. When the games go that late, they are not only depriving kids a chance to watch, they’re also depriving any hard working American who needs a good night’s sleep.